THE MARS VOLTA is back with an energy and spirit you’ve been missing! With a decade long absence now behind them, the duo of Cedric Bixler-Zavala (vox, lyrics) and Omar Rodríguez-López (guitarist, producer) have introduced a new self-titled album and taken the stage once more. The Chicago stop on this tour was dominated by tracks off their debut and previous albums dating as far back as 2003 while newborn hits “Blacklight Shine” and “Graveyard Love” got sprinkled in between. (Photos below!)

The experimentation with sonic landscapes, lengthy tracks, and the unconventional marriage of musical forms and styles is both ironic yet perfect. But, more importantly, it has long set THE MARS VOLTA apart from their peers. To take that all in, in one night, is more than just a fan’s dream. It’s what they’ve been missing for the past 10 years! If anything is evident from the house, packed to the brim, at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom it is that the music given by THE MARS VOLTA to its fans across the early 2000’s still resonates with fans today! FYI: The Aragon holds an estimated 5,000 concert goers!

THE MARS VOLTA’s debut album, DE-LOUSED IN THE COMATORIUM, was released in the June 2003 and will celebrate 20 years in 2023. This and a new collection of 14 songs, most of which not have yet been heard live, make the perfect recipe for a follow-up tour… fingers crossed!

THE MARS VOLTA’s setlist on this tour includes the following.
This is always subject to change.
Vicarious Atonement | Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) | Eriatarka | Graveyard Love | L’Via L’Viaquez | Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sound | Cygnus….Vismund Cygnus | Blacklight Shine | Drunkship of Lanterns | The Widow | Cicatriz ESP | Televators | Son et lumiere | Inertiatic ESP

Photos by Jean Marc Lavoie (@jean.marc.lavoie)
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