The Braided Janes release new single “Mi Canto” on all streaming platforms!

Chicago, IL – “Mi Canto” is the second single off The Braided Janes’ second album, “Renacer,” recorded at Sonido Selva, studio of Grammy-award winning producer Christian Castagno (Iggy Pop, Bomba Estéreo, Arcade Fire, Systema Solar, The Tom Tom Club) in Minca, Colombia.


“Renacer” is a genre-bending, Latin roots album braiding a new wave of sounds into the eclectic, musical syntax of The Braided Janes. Each track on this new production features a unique element of its own pushing the limits of the band’s sound and creating a sonic medley to be revealed with the release of the full-length album early 2023.

Video of THE BRAIDED JANES’ previous release “NO PUEDO MAS”

Influenced by sounds around the world “Mi Canto” tells the story of how singer, songwriter Jessica Rodriguez likes to write music and what she’s learned in the process of discovering her sound. The song attempts to capture the magic of the bands improvisational songwriting so as to invite the listener to be a part of the process. From a young age Rodriguez challenged the norms of whatever she pursued, pushing the limits of her imagination to draw a bigger picture. It’s no surprise that when it comes to writing music the trio is not scared to “color outside of the lines.” On the contrary, the band thrives in the vast possibilities that exist there. It’s something you can hear in this world music inspired, latin electronic jam, “Mi Canto” which she recalls as a song that was written in the moment during one of their improvisational sessions, music, lyrics and all.

“When you hear something that flows from within, you have to allow it to manifest itself, without the fear of making mistakes because what we feel may be a “mistake” in the moment can blossom into another aspect, another sound, it can open another door for you to explore the reaches of your imagination. And if you nature that ability to ebb and flow with the universe, no matter what you’re creating, you begin to understand that this is the way it should be. I’m lucky to create art with my family, we are deeply connected and somehow [when songwriting] we know when to change, what to say, and when to end the song. It’s a beautiful feeing I hope to share with the world.” – Jessica Rodriguez

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